Directory Submission

A large part of your Local SEO is local and industry specific directory submissions. With local directory submissions, you ensure that your business information and website are being viewed in the,,,,, etc. Their are also more specific localized directories which benefit your specific city, and possibly directories for your specific industry or service.
You can find other companies offering Local Directory services for small business for $300-$1200/year. Most of these vendors just resell, and are limited to the directories they cover. (usually under 20 directories)


This includes a manual submission with content, images, and fully optimized profiles, in all the relevant directories listed in our Local Search Engine Optimization Knowledge for Small Business section plus tons more! We guarantee submission to over 40 directories and reviews websites per year. We will also provide you a review of your directory and review site traffic from Google Analytics twice per year. This will show you approximately how many people come to your website from each directory or review website, and we can determine which ones to spend more or less time on, as well as which sites may be good opportunities for paid advertising spots. Not only all the above, but we will also email you when a Owner Comment is needed on specific review websites like Yelp.