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  • Every year U.S. colleges award more than $1 Billion to nearly 150,000 student athletes.
  • Over 1/3 of all NCAA athletes are on athletic scholarships.
  • Every year talented student athletes who desire to play collegiate sports do not get the opportunity to get noticed.
  • Every year there are quality college sport programs struggling to fill team positions.
  • Every year there are parents of student athletes who do not know what to do to help their child get recruited.

There’s a lot of information on athletic scholarships out there. The problem is that most people just get overwhelmed with the rules and the ideas, and can’t figure out a plan of action. Which means they stay frozen in their tracks and usually end up doing nothing effective. If you’re like most parents or college bound athletes, you have only vague ideas about how you’d go about getting a sports scholarship or just an opportunity to participate in college sport programs. You know you’re good enough, and your coaches assure you that you can play at the college level.


This is where the My Student Athlete can provide a clear Road Map, a Step-by-Step Process giving you detailed instructions, examples, templates and the confidence you need to start & finish the Recruiting Journey. The key to success is to remember that this process is not a sprint, it’s a multi-year marathon and the journey starts with a common sense plan. Working the plan, as a Parent / Student team, spending a little time each month can open doors you never thought possible that lead you to a collegiate sports experience of a life time.